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Experiments in Contemplative Music
and Contemplative Silence

Thursdays, 7pm, at Canterbury House (721 E Huron St, Ann Arbor)
Simple soup supper to follow

Every religious tradition has a relationship with silence.  Even a secular perspective on the world can find studies noting the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.


Come join a diverse and growing community of people who have in common an interest in engaging the practice of silence in a group setting.  
Our weekly community will decide the details of our gatherings (what music we may experiment with, length of silence, etc) together and will likely shift over time as we find a rhythm.

Featured Guest Artists


Monthly we will invite an artist to join us whose work deals with the themes of contemplative music, contemplative silence, and how music can prepare us for an encounter with silence.  In the past these performances have ranged from drone music, to an improvised string quartet, to a violin piece with a backtrack made in part from the sounds of ice cracking on the Great Lakes.


On March 23, Marcus Elliot, Detroit-based saxophonist, composer, improviser, and educator will present Creation Codes: an exploration of sound, meaning, and myth through improvisation.  

Previous Guest Artists

February 2023 - Jonathan Barahal Taylor, "root beneath bones"

January 2023 - Alexis Lamb, "in the case of a title"

December 2022 - Kaysen Mortensen-Chown

November 2022 - Samuel Botero

October 2022 - Ana Hernandez

September 2022 - Jacob Rogers, "The Book of Order"

April 2022 - Matthew Dallas, "Tower Hill"

March 2022 - Cameron Wilson, "Songs from the Paper Birch"

February 2022 - Kaysen Mortensen-Chown

November 2021 - Akari Komura, "In the Language of the Bloom"

October 2021 - Chris Sies

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