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Students today borrow ridiculous amounts of money to attend college, in part because meals on campus are so expensive. Canterbury House is aware of the serious barriers to affordable food access among students both nationwide and at the University of Michigan. We're addressing this problem through both advocacy and action. Come join us for weekly meal prep (Sundays) or no-strings suppers (Wednesdays and Sundays).


At our weekly meal prep group, we prepare large quantities of food so you have meals ready for the whole week. We gather as a group in a big kitchen and knock out the work together. 


Learn the cheapest and easiest way to cook for yourself. Build good budgeting habits now and learn thrifty cooking skills that will last a lifetime!


Cook with a community. From set up to clean up, many hands make light work! 

FILL OUT THIS FORM to sign up. We will send a weekly text to confirm your participation so we can buy the right amount of food. There is a suggested (but not required) donation of $5 for 5 servings. All are welcome! 

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Every Wednesday and Sunday evening at 6:00pm, Canterbury House offers a delicious, free home-cooked meal to all students. Come enjoy good food in a warm, welcoming community setting - no strings attached! Supper always includes vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, and we are happy to accommodate other dietary needs upon request.

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