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It’s hard to describe in a few words the role that Canterbury House UM has played in my faith journey. Canterbury House, from the first time I attended, became my spiritual home. Being part of this community opened up a window into the world of the Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church and the church’s role in global issues (Canterbury House supported my participation in the 2008 Lambeth Conference, to General Convention and the UN Commission on the Status of Women). Canterbury House encouraged me to begin a discernment process by connecting me to the Diocesan discernment program Exploring Your Spiritual Journey (EYSJ) and gathered around me to discern this call with a congregational discernment committee. The Spirit planted many seeds on the soil of my interior landscape through Chouse – by opening up opportunities I wouldn’t have been aware of, and nourished me with plenty of home-cooked food, music, laughter and honest conversation. Canterbury House has helped me deepen my relationship with God and the Church and as a result I have been changed in ways that are infinitely more than I could have asked for or imagined. Thank you Canterbury House!!


 - Areeta Bridgemohan U of M Class of 2009

When I transferred to U of M to begin my junior year in January 2011, I only knew a few people in Ann Arbor. Since I did not have the typical dorm life experience there, I was unsure how to meet people outside of my large and mostly impersonal classes. When I discovered Canterbury House a month or so into that semester, I was so grateful; I immediately felt welcome accepted for who I was. Over time, Canterbury House helped instill in me a lifelong desire to be actively involved in issues of social justice, hence why I have spent time studying immigration on the US/Mexico border and now work with undocumented immigrants in NYC. I will forever be thankful for the love and support the community at Canterbury House provided me during my two years in Ann Arbor, and will continue to support its efforts from afar through my monthly financial contribution.


  - Chloe Bergsma-Safar U of M Class of 2012

Canterbury House was a wonderful part of my Ann Arbor life all three years I went to graduate school at Michigan. It was an opportunity every week to get out of my own head,  take a break from the sometimes consuming world of being a student and think about my values, what was important to me and the larger world around me. I loved meeting new people from all different schools and backgrounds that I never would have met otherwise. Beyond that, Canterbury is just plain fun. The services are thought-provoking, the music is energizing and the food afterwards was always delicious. I always left in a better mood than when I arrived. Canterbury House was a consistent and grounding  positive presence amid all the ups and downs of graduate student life. My time in Michigan was far the better for it. Thank you C-House!


 - Berry Kennedy U of M Class of 2014

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