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Canterbury House is a radically welcoming Christian community on the University of Michigan's campus. We welcome people of all faiths and none without reservation (or attempted indoctrination!), and we encourage grappling with hard moral, spiritual, and theological questions. We're engaged with the issues of student indebtedness and economic insecurity. We reject the culture of violence, racism, patriarchy, and homophobia. We invite you to come and share in the life our beloved community.

The atmosphere is relaxed, the worship is informal and accessible, and the tea kettle is on the stove. During the week we offer an open door, a quiet place, and a listening ear, as well as discussion groups, Bible studies, and social activities. We are committed to engagement with all of creation, so here you will also find social activism on behalf of the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed. 


Canterbury House has been known as a haven for anti-war activists and for being one of the premier small concert venues in the country.  It has been labeled the most progressive religious organization on the University of Michigan campus.  A home away from home, a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ students, a gathering place for activist student organizations, and a terrific concert venue are among the descriptions for this campus ministry that goes back over one hundred thirty years. 


In the 1960s musicians such as Joni Mitchell, Richie Havens, Gordon Lightfoot, The Byrds, and Janis Joplin made Canterbury House one of the finest intimate venues in the United States. The Students for a Democratic Society, with leaders like Alan Haber and Tom Hayden, met in the House’s basement to plan actions in protest against the Vietnam War. In the current decade, Canterbury House has hosted musicians such as Michelle Chamuel, Theo Katzman, and Joey Dosik, as well as harboring the Student Union of Michigan, a campus activist organization.





Matthew previously served as Vicar of Emmanuel Church in the Diocese of Hawai'i.  He was born and raised a Southern Baptist in Alabama and found the Episcopal Church through campus ministry at the University of Virginia.  He enjoys caffeine, naps, comic books, Steven Universe, and playing with his dog, Bear.


Office Manager

Lily Merritt was born in Qing Dao, China and at age three moved to the Metro-Detroit area. Lily attended Albion College in Albion, MI where she received a degree in both Economics and General Music. But during her time in college, she discovered her true passions in photography and working with people. Along with serving as our office manager, she started a photography business, Abben and Lily Photography, in 2016. In her spare time you can find her involved in a DIY project, playing board games, hanging out with friends, playing with her dog Alex, or drinking coffee.


Concert Coordinator

Eliza Salem is an up-and-coming drummer, improviser, and mentor currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she is pursuing a jazz degree from the University of Michigan. Eliza is a Metro DC native who learned her craft in the Washington area’s vibrant musical and cultural scene and draws much of her upbringing from the East Coast community’s jazz tradition. She aims to bring her passion for music and the arts to Canterbury House in order to cultivate a community of supportive, creative, and inclusive listeners and thinkers. 



The Goodest Boy

Bear is the official Canterbury House pup and unofficial University-wide therapy dog.  His tail wags the most at getting to meet new people, receiving treats, and chewing iPhone/laptop charger cables. 
You'll find him and Matthew at Canterbury House or hanging around the Diag when weather permits.  
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